Weather Updates

Possible class arrangement due to weather situations – June 1st (Sat)

T3 / Red rainstorm: Centre opens as usual.

T8 or above / Black rainstorm / “Extreme conditions”:

– All classes will be cancelled.
– Classes will resume 2 hours after the signal is officially lowered or removed.
– However, if the signal remains hoisted at 2:00pm – cut off time, all classes will be cancelled for the rest of the day.

Note: All classes including makeup that are cancelled or disrupted by weather conditions will not be refunded/ rescheduled. Leave of absence can only be applied before projected hoist time is announced by HK observatory.

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Enrolment for Summer Programme 2024 is now open!

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Google Registration for New Term 2024-25 (miniEnglish, Phonics, Steppers, Learners 1)

First come first serve: Registration opens on July 8th (Mon) at 11:00am, closes on July 31st (Wed) at 5:00pm

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Welcome to miniMinds!

miniMinds was founded in 2006, offering language enrichment programmes that focus on literacy development in English such as phonics, speaking, reading, creative writing, formal writing and critical thinking in a small class setting of 5 to 6 students.

Our courses focus on small-class teaching and are designed for students from pre-nursery to primary levels. We commit to excellence in what we do, and we strive to instill confidence, increase motivation and inspire learning in every child. Everything we do is built around one simple idea: children learn best when they love to learn.

We hope your child will gain a rich and engaging learning experience with us as we discover the joy of learning together!

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We offer courses in phonics, reading, speaking, creative and formal writing as well as critical thinking to students from pre-nursery to primary levels.

We offer free assessments to place students in the appropriate level with children of similar standards and learning behaviour.

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Highlighted Programmes

Summer Programme 2024

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New Regular Term 2024-25

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Private Interview Prep

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Summer Programme 20xx

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Easter Workshops 2023

April 3rd to 14th (except Sat & public holidays)

New Regular Term 2023-24

More details to come!